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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/10/2008


Now in this article I may have explained a little about breaking rules, but I had to first learn them. That is key. You must use fear as a motivation do something different. Get off the horse, out of the comfort zone, before it is too late. Recently I have been pushing the limits of my tilting and, even more, so my camera height. As a classically trained portrait photographer I always believed in parallels of camera height. I also have more recently, at the urging of my wife, started using my wide angle 16-35mm lens for my portrait work - also because I was taught I shouldn't do that. I love the strong perspective it shows, and even more I like the way it sells.

To grow as a photographer I believe you must always be open minded and never ever be satisfied with your work"

You may find this strange but in 19 years I still feel I am only scratching the surface of what I can really do. I am 34 and have a long way to go and grow. If you have ever been to one of my seminars you know I am strong believer in the many elements of photography, with the most important one being your feelings and emotions as a photographer. People remember their many events through your heart and eyes - through your love. A great image is 99.9% personality and creating relationships. I feel this is why my business has been so successful. I make my subjects so comfortable they will do whatever I want them too. That is key in every aspect, especially getting referrals. It takes vision, harmony with your subject and of course a little PS magic with our DG Special edition Kubota Actions. (available at . These actions help to form our signature look with very modern, edgy colour and processing styles. As you can tell I love to use very vibrant, high-contrast colours, something my clients can only get with my printing. We are definitely taking the MTV approach to today's more sophisticated client. You will even see this approach in our newly created Bride alone and Bride and Groom Flow Posing DVDs These are on sale as of November this year. If you want speed and creativity with lots of edge, be sure to get these.

Also be sure to check out my blog with all my recent weddings and classes. At Enjoy! And I look forward to seeing you at my upcoming new programs at the Convention.

Cheers Doug

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