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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2013


Derek explains.

As a result One Vision prides itself on having the widest range of walldisplay products in the business - numbering some 30 items that are not just your traditional photo frame. From this extensive line-up, Derek singles out the box frame as the industry's biggest seller. "But we've taken the box frame concept and kept it fresh by creating a 'multi-box' frame - a succession of smaller box frames bolted together.

That has allowed us to go one stage further and create a mosaic box frame.

These are already very, very popular!" Currently One Vision Imaging doesn't publish its prices up front online, photographers being instead provided with a log-in upon registering with its website. In this way any clients cannot directly see how much an item is costing you - allowing you to charge what you feel your work and its presentation deserves. Having said that, this policy may change in the near future to provide greater initial transparency. "This is a debate both ourselves and the rest of the industry are currently having," reasons Derek.

Turnaround time for digital printing is ordinarily just 24 hours, wall-display products is typically around five working days. For photographic albums this is extended to seven days, and for anything involving acrylic products it goes up to 14 days. So much of what One Vision produces is 'bespoke' and so virtually everything they offer is manufactured within their Coventry premises.

On trend yet ahead of the game

Any business worth its salt has to move with the times and from its unique vantage point One Vision has witnessed traditional framing making a comeback over the past two years. "It's refreshed and modernised itself," reckons Derek. "Now seven out of every 10 frames we sell are multiaperture.


Rather than one single image in a frame everyone wants a succession of images. To the consumer that represents good value; but the frames also look fantastic."

Their Online Framing Service has a 'white label' system, so that not only can a photographer sit with their client and demonstrate the solution in front of them, if they click on the white label button all the One Vision branding disappears including the pricing structure. To access this incredibly useful facility, head to the framing service page of the website.

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