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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2013


"We take their images, colour correct them, and the whole wall-display product gets delivered, all ready to hang."

Once there, photographers can pick from hundreds of frame types and can zoom in and see the profile of each frame and the finish. A live preview of the product you're 'building' is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Choosing the size for your frame then opens up a whole set of available apertures - from a single image to multiple images - such as nine 5x5s on a 20x20-inch frame. Images can then be uploaded to these multi -aperture templates and finished off with a single, double or triple window mount, plus a range of glazing options. Upon an order being placed, the completed product is simply delivered direct to the photographer.

"We take their images, colour correct them, and the whole wall-display product gets delivered, all ready to hang."

Those wishing to take a first-hand look at product can do so as One Vision Imaging will be attending both The Societies' Convention in January and the new two-day Digital Imaging Show in October 2014, as well as sponsoring the one-day Business School. As such it would like to offer members a special 15% discount on online framing. Please see the end of this article for an exclusive redeemable voucher code.

In addition One Vision offers 25% discount on wall-display product samples for studios, who, for example, might want to re-vamp their interior or show samples to clients so that the products sell themselves. Derek Poulston notes that this is especially useful in terms of acrylics, which truly need to be seen to be believed. "You need acrylics on your wall to be able to sell them. If your customers can see, feel and touch them they can appreciate the quality, so as a sales tool it always works."

Aside from products to offer your clients it's worth also noting that the Vision Impress side of the business provides printed marketing tools. Not just business cards but some very imaginative creative products, including 'bragging books' and portfolio flyers - again providing templates to work with. "These ideas are there to help make professional photographers stand out from their competitors and to use the fact that their business is image based. We create lots of intricate, folded products that use their images well. Social media marketing is fine, but only as an addition to your existing marketing techniques."

To discover more of One Vision Imaging's extensive product range and the Simply Schools solutions to boot, direct your browser at

Alternatively, for printed marketing materials for photographers, browse

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