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by Kevin Wilson Published 01/12/2016


Photography has and will always be a passion in life. I can only assume that most photographers feel the very same way, once the bug has taken hold of you, there is a constant desire to improve.

If I had not been fortunate enough to be given a camera by my parents on my 21st birthday, would I have become a photographer?

Possibly not; so in many ways, this was the starting point for me to express my artistic ability. I was always good at art during my school life, and this would prove just an extension of that.


Photography is something I have never seen as work, just something I happen to enjoy, or should I say love?

It certainly challenges the mind and continues to fascinate. Each and every time I have the camera in my hand, I feel the need to make something meaningful and thought provoking, striving to produce the best I can in any given situation.

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1st Published 01/12/2016
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