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by Kevin Casha Published 01/04/2017


The back of a Richard Ellis CdV; c.1880. (Kevin Casha Archive).

Through those initial sparks, I became ever more enthralled by the history and traditions of Maltese photography and its major protagonists. This led to a strong allure towards any old or vintage photographs which subsequently spurred me on to establish, together with National Archivist, Charles Farrugia, the National Picture Archive at the National Archives of Malta in Santo Spirito, Rabat4 and, much later, the compilation and writing of a wider, all-encompassing publication on Maltese photography and its photographers. During this project, Harker's seminal work became an invaluable resource and vital cornerstone for my own travail on the subject. Whilst researching for my own book, I have come to appreciate and admire her resolve at unearthing material relevant to the topic of Maltese photography and photographers.

Unfortunately, little more, apart from the very valid publications and regular articles researched and written by Dr. Giovanni Bonello, had been academically produced before or even after professor Harker wrote Photographers of Malta in 2000. Dr Bonello's contributions, particularly his series of books 'Nostalgias of Malta' 5 are a treasure trove of information on local, vintage photography and photographers. Thus, as I found out through my own experience, the bulk of the material for my book was only unearthed and verified through dogged, painstaking effort, arduous research and the following of leads, however trifling these may have initially seemed.

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