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by Kevin Casha Published 01/04/2017


Leandro Preziosi studio: A curious full-length CdV of photographer Leandro Preziosi in a high-ranking Ottoman military uniform taken at 28 Strada Federico, Valletta, probably produced by one of Preziosi's many assistants.

Moreover, as time passed and the digital revolution swept conventional photography off its feet, I became alarmed that vast amounts of valuable material such as vintage cameras, magazines, darkroom equipment and, most of all, vintage photographs, were being discarded and lost forever to local society. Not only that, but a lot of information on local photographers and the photographic history of our islands, particularly during the last 60 years, was gradually disappearing with the demise of what one might term the traditional Maltese photographer

All this strengthened my resolve in trying to save whatever was possible. This involved hardware and photographs as well as any type of related knowledge which would remain available for future photography students and researchers of Maltese photography. I was resolute in not allowing so many valid pioneers to disappear from public memory. Thus, the initial aim of my publication was to expand and record the history of Maltese photography. However, in the end, I opted not only for this facet, but I chose to record and compile as much relevant statistical data as possible. I felt strongly about documenting a series of interviews with various photographers and personalities in order to give a vivid, more personal insight into the lives and work of photographers who I consider to have been influential and iconic from the local perspective.

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