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Published 01/08/2013


Simplicity is best!
behind the scenes in Photoshop

A winter break in Spain offered an opportunity for some sunshine and a little bit of photography. Hence April saw us leaving a very cold, very wet UK for the beaches of Guardamar del Segura. Even Spain was unseasonably cool, especially out of the sun and although the beach bars were just starting to open up for the season, everywhere was quite quiet. In general only the Brits and Norwegians were venturing out in their shorts, the Spaniards remained in their anoraks!


Unusually, a DSLR had been packed for the trip (some apartment shots were required) along with a 24-70mm zoom. Normally anybody wandering the beaches with a large camera would be regarded with suspicion, but the hardy souls on the beach could be counted on one hand, with a few others walking walking along the water's edge. Additionally it was possible to walk about without your editor's delicate (ex red-head) skin being barbequed!

The beaches had been cleaned so there was plenty of pure yellow sand and a couple sitting watching the sea from chairs presented an obvious and immediate opportunity. The final image was fixed in the mind even before an exposure was made. Only four frames were taken. The first was rejected, the intruder on the right added nothing, frame 2 was spoiled by the seated man pointing at the tern in the top left; frame 4 was spoiled by the man turning towards his companion rather than staring out to sea and so this left just frame 3 as a contender. The only other consideration was waiting for a suitable wave break for each of the shots.

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