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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2015


but the key features are symmetry and shape. Portrait Pro exploits this by remoulding a facial image towards greater symmetry, followed by skin smoothing and imperfection elimination. The basis of working the program is to outline the lips, eyes, nose, mouth and facial mask with Bezier curves and then use this information in the remoulding process. For such a complex operation the user interface is remarkably simple, trivial even - the software marks up the face and produces acceptable results in fully automatic mode. As the software has been developed, additional features have been added to deal with skin colour tone, lip shape and tone, teeth fixing, hair styling, and more recently lighting and make-up modifications. All the adjustments may be tweaked from the start positions using sliders and at all stages 'tips' pop up to guide the user. One of the features of the later versions of the software has been a slight backing off of the strength of manipulation; the program seems to have become more confident in its own abilities and sometimes less is more!


Make-up Controls
From subtle, everyday looks to high-fashion editorial styles, PortraitPro 15 offers a full set of make-up controls, the most requested new feature. Based on research into how real cosmetics work, PortraitPro 15 delivers the most natural results in the industry via simple slider controls.

Wide Angle (Selfie) Lens Distortion Correction
The new Lens Correction slider fixes distortion caused by a wide-angle lens (known as selfie distortion on smartphones), creating more natural-looking, flattering portraits from pictures taken on wide-angle lenses or smartphones.

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