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by Angelique Duffield Published 01/10/2010


That Grad Event at her shop was a total flop - it was a blustery day, and there were even fewer clients in the shop than usual for a Saturday. However, it gave me, Heather, and another vendor, Shawna, (who sells vintage jewellery on consignment in the bridal shop) the chance to bond, and throw around some ideas. That led to us meeting for coffee the following week, and our concept for a promotional bridal shoot atthe brand new (not even fully opened) Sparkling Hill Hotel was born. We pitched the idea to the hotel and, in the meantime, spread the word about our project and gathered on board some more vendors to donate their services and/or products. A few days later, we got the go-ahead from the CEO of the hotel and set a date for the shoot to take place.

Fast forward a few weeks. On Monday 7 June, we did the bridal shoot at Sparkling Hill Hotel, with an entourage of 12 or so people. It was amazing - an incredibly brilliant (literally) hotel filled everywhere with Swarovski crystals, gorgeous models, dozens of wedding gowns, thousands of dollars in jewellery - there was eye candy everywhere and it was a photographer's dream.


The shoot was scheduled for 3-7pm, but I was shooting flat out from 2:30pm until 9:30pm, and we didn't even make it to the penthouse suite. The last six remaining participants, including Heather's 11-year-old daughter who came along as an assistant and even set up some photos herself, collapsed at the restaurant for a quick celebratory drink before we did the one-hour drive home.

Since I still have a day job (not for long J), I had to use two of my very precious vacation days to make time for the bridal shoot. The second day, I slept in, then set to work on preparing the images. On top of that, I'd asked Heather to quickly throw together an article that I could propose to the local media to see if we could get some publicity...keep in mind that everyone contributed their time, talents and products for free, in exchange for images to use to promote their own business.

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