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by Angelique Duffield Published 01/10/2010


I'd had a few epiphanies and emailed two online news websites, as well as an online wedding directory with the story that Heather had come up with, along with a few of my images.

Which leads me back to 'evangelists'; everyone at the shoot felt comfortable posing (even though none of them had any experience as a model), they all had fun, and everyone absolutely loved the images I showed them on location in the back of my Canon 5D. They were even more thrilled once they saw the retouched images. It suddenly occurred to me that now I had a whole group of people who were telling everyone about the bridal shoot - on Facebook, in emails, talking to co-workers - and specifically discussing my photography and how easy I was to work with.


Here we are, two days later. In fact, it's 2:33am and I've been working non-stop tonight when I got home from my day job, except for a few minutes to watch the last game of the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs while eating dinner in front of the telly. I got a call from the sales consultant at the BC Bridal Guide after she had stopped by the wedding boutique. Having seen the snapshots of the bridal shoot that Heather showed her while extolling my virtues as a photographer, she contacted me to see if I wanted to submit my photos to the design team that decides which image is used on the cover of the magazine.

Later that same evening, I got an email responding to my article and photography proposal to Nicholas, the network manager, loved the photographs. The wedding directory and e-zine is interested in publishing our story and wants the details of all the vendors involved in the shoot. As a PS at the end of the email, the Nicholas asked, "so what did you think about the photos"... referring to the winning images that were chosen for their 'engagement photo of the year' competition.

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