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by Nik Pekridis Published 01/10/2010


Fast forward 80 years. While technology has advanced photography into new heights, the one thing which made photography the powerhouse it is today remains constant. The photographer's eye has brought us into an era where the real and surreal meet and sometimes overlap, creating that niche which photography so much longed for. It is this overlap that earned photography its deserved place in the most prestigious art collections.


As a photographer I often ponder on what I would like to achieve through my photography. It is a constant exercise which I find very important to the production of my work. As I look back at the history of photography and art it clearly transpires that photographers, more than any other artist, cannot be judged by a single photograph, but by their life's work and the concept behind their creations. If we look at the greatest names of 20th century photography such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Stieglitz and Ansel Adams, to mention a few, we keep stumbling into patterns. These photographers did not just take photographs. They followed a vision, a concept which drove their life. Photography was their way of interpreting this vision.

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