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by Nik Pekridis Published 01/10/2010


It is this vision that makes a photographer more than just a person with a camera, and it is the ability to interpret this vision into images which move and transport the viewer that make that photographer stand out from the crowd and become great. How we interpret our vision is irrelevant. It is the vision itself that is relevant and the will and skill to bring that vision to light. As I develop as a photographer, it also becomes clearer that vision must be strived for. We are not born with a concept in mind - it is something that comes through a constant journey of self-discovery. This journey has only a beginning and no destination. Its path is only dictated by the next step.

My personal journey has until now taken me into a number of directions - architecture, street photography and abstract to mention a few. Each of these directions has been fuelled by curiosity, passion, belief and opinion. It is these convictions and traits that give artists the extra dimension that makes their work remarkable, and allows their vision to permeate onto the viewer. While artistic discovery is a very personal voyage, its final purpose is to externalise what is within the artist, and therefore shared with the world. Photography, I find, is an ideal medium to achieve this. It is difficult to beat the feeling of being shown what is seen every day and not recognise it. Photography is the link between all this - no other artistic medium can claim such an intimate relationship with reality while holding control over its interpretation.



What makes us different? What's making us better, more creative, more inspired?

How can we create our own style? What does it need to create image and not just shoot a picture?

Ok, we need technical knowledge, lots of equipment, big cameras, lots of lenses and flashes, PCs or Macs with huge programs and plug-ins - but there is at least one element (or there should be!) that makes us different from the amateurs and the professional who just shoots a picture. Passion, creativity, imagination, it what you will!

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