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by John Baikie Published 01/04/2012


Welcome to my all-new, 'behind the scenes' feature for Professional Imagemaker. In these I will be going through some of my more interesting shoots, explaining the background behind them, the concepts, the styling, the techniques used and what equipment was involved. I'll also take requests so if anyone wants any topic covered please get in touch and I'll try to put something together for you. That can be equipment, technique or any other random ideas!

So, on to my first shoot. Well this shoot came about after a discussion with local make-up artist, Eileen Solan, who liked my work and wanted to get some new images together for her work portfolio. We discussed a number of ideas, but decided to do something a little bit different to my usual type of fashion shoot. We trawled through some magazines and online images and had an idea to do some head shots combining make-up, hair and shoes.

My initial feelings, as always, was to shoot on location. I'd thought of using a derelict building with crumbling walls which I'd used before. I also have no great affection for studio photography, as it doesn't challenge me enough and I feel limited in what I can do. However, the logistics weren't too handy for this idea and because Eileen lived a bit away, the obvious way to arrange the shoot was to keep it very simple and just shoot at her place. This meant no worrying about weather or logistics of getting the make-up done and then travelling to a location.


I picked model, Kailee for the shoot as I felt her features were ideal for this type of work. She has very striking eyes and I felt that she would be just right.

The plan for the make-up was to match it in with two pairs of shoes which we planned to use as accessories, although not on the model's feet. We wanted really over-the-top theatrical style make-up and Eileen made a great job matching it all up.

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