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by Greg Preston Published 01/10/2010


I'd like to share with you what it is to be a resort photographer, because that is what Sampsel & Preston Photography is mainly about. I laugh when I think about the term, Resort Photographer, because really it is nothing more than being a generalist. So if, fellow photographer, you are thinking how cool it would be to do this sort of photography, start building your portfolio to have great images in it including:

1. Architectural shots, both interiors and exteriors
2. Executive portraiture
3. Food shots
4. Lifestyle shots (models enjoying pools, restaurants, hotel rooms)
5. Gaming still life, if that is an element in your area
6. Details of the resort

When you are first starting out, consider booking your next holiday at a really plush resort. Choose this resort because it is visually stunning. Have a couple of beautiful friends? Treat them for a day or two in exchange for photographing them walking hand in hand on the beach at sunset, and having appetisers on the veranda. While there, photograph everything, from the gorgeous tropical drink at the pool, to the lovely Eggs Benedict served on the patio.

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