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by Greg Preston Published 01/10/2010


3. There is never enough electricity to light a space correctly. Make sure you have an electrician at your beck and call.

4. What we in America called 'Lookie-Loos' are the tourists in your backgrounds who just will not move. Make sure you have management available to give free dining coupons in exchange for being a good sport and MOVING.

5. You are human beings. You and your crew, as well as models, need a constant supply of food and drink. This should be supplied free of charge from your hotel host.


6. A food stylist is a lot different from a chef. If at all possible, for food photography, get the resort to spring for a stylist. They know how to make stand-in plates, and how to make food for the camera look delicious.

7. Likewise, try to not let a resort cut corners and eliminate a make-up artist. If you are to be shooting models for a whole day, rarely does the model have the expertise and colour range in their bag to change the look accordingly, or can do a great-looking hair-up in a snap. A wardrobe wrangler is also very important, making sure outfits co-ordinate together and with your venue is a paramount concern.

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