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Published 01/04/2012


We offer lay flat right across the Expressions range too of course. It's important to us that when a book opens it's perfectly flat - you've not got leaves that are stuck up in the air."

While its products may help you stand out from the crowd, their pricing is very competitive too. For example a 10 page/20-sided A4 digital book costs £88, and the company believes no one else in the market can beat that. At the other end of the pricing scale is £300+ for a full Swedish organic leather album. "People can go as crazy as they want to or stick to a budget price if they've got one," says Gail.

GFSmith believes that not only are its photographer customers that much more aware of what's available in the market - so too are their own clients.

"Customers can be very picky now. Brides have very specific wants. They see what celebrities are going for in bridal mags and you have to be very switched on and listen to that. When Jordan got married there was a rush on pink for weddings and pink wedding albums. Brides want everything the same colour; from the bridesmaids' dresses to the table settings and that extends to the wedding album."


GFSmith now offers acrylic and aluminium covers plus also a multi-coloured 'Paul Smith-type' print. Very pro-active, it is always exploring new markets, believing that listening closely to its customers and giving them what they want is as crucial now as it's ever been.

A case in point is its new Pinhole Press service. "That came about again from listening to photographers bemoaning the fact that if they gave a client a disk of images they might then just go and get prints from Asda," Gail divulges.

"So we've offered a solution with Pinhole whereby photographers' clients can print their images on quality paper. Photographers are happy because they know that their images are going to end up on a quality product, plus they're going to earn some extra revenue from it.

"Pinhole Pro is the portal that the photographer signs on to, and he then leads his customers through everything he sells and markets - if he sells a disk he burns his unique code for the Pinhole Press on to it for example. Once he's exhausted every conventional sales avenue, his clients then can go on to Pinhole Press and make everything from books and calendars to wine labels. There's a 20% commission offered to the photographer on everything that customer buys. It's an extra

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