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by Rick Ferro Published 01/10/2013


Normally I prefer that a woman does not have her upper body square to thecamera, but with a little adjustment such as lowering her right shoulder andhaving her place her hand delicately on his leg and one hand in her pocket I think the balance is there. I don't even mind his fingers being shown on the right side, in fact I think it adds security to the image.

For those who are lucky to live by the beach, here is an easy one. I actually had to set up this shot from a distance. Normally new clients are slightly ill at ease at the beginning of a shoot so I had to yell instructions on how I wanted their body language to make the image come together.


Opening the poses so they were not too close to each other, the legs had to spaced and separated as you can see. Sometimes it's best not to see a kiss, I love when they touch noses or touch foreheads. Always make the couple connect with their hands. Getting down as low as possible was my finishing touch.

Rainy day, could be a problem but not this day. In fact they loved the fact that it was raining; I wasn't happy about covering my camera, but thank goodness I had someone to hold an umbrella over me.

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