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by Rick Ferro Published 01/10/2013


If I can give you any tip at all, make sure you leave negative space and do whatever you need to do to get a double profile.

Stairs will pretty much make anything work if you have the right angle, right time of day, and the clothes that don't distract from the image. Thishad everything working that day but I have to admit you can only shoot this staircase after 4 pm. At that time the sun is behind the subjects, which gives me a nice hair light.

Not an easy pose, I had to go over and show them a couple of times. Becareful with the hands; don't block faces and try to make the legs flow asmuch as possible.


The last environmental image is one of my favourites. There is nothing like being out in the country with tall grass and old fences. This pose is easy, actually the female is making the image come together; having her leg spaced apart gives the balance needed, it also helps the man lean in closer because of the body language.

The last image I wanted to share with you is always my session closer. Sheis actually a fullsome lady, so I decided to place her behind her sweetheart.

She is wearing a turtle-neck sweater but if you want to make a full-size lady feel really good, then elevate your camera and you will have no double chin at all. The other big question is how high do you want the heads? My answeris her lips to his eyes, or vice versa. Watch these hands too, remember the lady usually spends a lot of money on nails.

I hope this article was helpful.

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