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Published 01/04/2015


Considering making the leap from keen photography enthusiast to jobbing professional? Then, as Gavin Stoker suggests, there are a host of services available from the plethora of companies to help you stand on your own two feet...

So you've decided to take the plunge and pursue your passion full time with the aim of making a living from your photography. It's a dream many have, but often the first steps can be the hardest as you try to find your feet in a competitive, fast-moving market. To shore up your footing we've done a lot of legwork for you, rounding up recommended suppliers and advisors who can provide a degree of hand holding, as necessary, and help you take those first tentative steps.

For example, insurance for photographers can be a bit of a proverbial minefield, yet necessary to protect you and your business in a number of ways - and, in fact, in certain circumstances required by law. So who better to ask for advice on the essentials than the experts in multimedia insurance at Aaduki?


Insurance from Aaduki

Aaduki Multimedia Insurance is the recommended insurance provider to members of The Societies. As such, it is well versed in the specific needs of photographers and also offers a members'discount. It tells us that a typical - yet mistaken - assumption forphotographers starting out is that the most important aspect of their business requiring insurance is equipment. However, it suggests that the most important cover to consider first and foremost is public liability insurance. In fact Aaduki says that you should not work without it.

Public liability insurance will protect the policyholder - that's you - against claims where an injury has been inflicted to a third party. You can never be sure what will happen and although you may feel that you won't cause any accidents, what if it is out of your hands? Someone moves your camera bag and then a member of the public falls over it? With the growth of US-style culture of 'where there is blame there is a claim', it is very important that you arrange adequate cover. And, in the very worst cases, public liability insurance can literally be a lifesaver.

A further benefit of public liability insurance is that it covers third party property damage. This means you would be protected if you accidentally damaged someone else's property whilst conducting your photographic work duties - ie when conducting a portrait session or photographing a wedding.

The second most important cover to look at is employers' liability insurance, required by law where you employ anyone in your business. Even if someone is helping you out voluntarily, they are still classed in the eyes of the law as an 'employee', as it makes no distinction betweenpaid or unpaid help.

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