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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2008


So here we are in a world that is falling to bits because of our excessive carbon footprints. We have to drive to the ever-distant Post Office to see how much money they want to deliver our mail, at any time of their choosing, to its destination. If we decide to guess the weight and get it wrong, the world comes to a standstill while the recipient waits for the proof. We then use the same amount of our carbon footprint trying to retrieve the mail from the Post Office as we would have done if we had gone there in the first place. When the final Post Office has been closed down, the issue will go away and we can drive the damn things all the way ourselves; it seems like an easier option - sod the carbon footprint, the government cut the postal service loose let them sort it!

If you think this is over the top, consider this. Pro-Am cannot start work at 8:30am, as they used to, because the mail does not arrive until 11:30am. They used to have both an 8:30 and an 11:30 delivery, which helped to spread the sorting of the workflow. So they now use those nice people from FedEx for their deliveries and the Post Office whine that they are losing market share, I wonder why? You couldn't make it up if you tried.

Rant ends - that feels better!

Permajet's Eco-Flo system, one of a trio of solutions open to the heavy user of ink!

So how much does a 10x8 cost?

- between 51 and 93 pence depending how you make it.

COMMENT: Our calculations make no allowance for wastage. Comparing the 10x8 ink cost of 78p for the 2400 US calculation and our own of 49-56p suggests a wastage of almost a third in the 2400 size of cartridge. For the 3800 we measured the ink remaining after removal of a cartridge at between 14 and 15g, ie a utilisation of about 80%. Ink cost therefore are typically 20% higher, about 3p per print.

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