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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2008


1. The Fotospeed ink tanks from the Quill system.

2. The kit for installing CIS systems includes inks, funnels and gloves along with software, profiles and the other paraphernalia needed to get started.

With a tuned profile the Lyson system returned quite good colour error plots. The ink set has a different 'colour signature' than the Epson UltraChrome K3, with a low error in the deep blue. Some of the error shown is slightly compromised by the use of the high-OBA CostcoKirkland paper, but that is the media the client wished to use. It certainly provides a saving in cost, bring an A4 down to around 24p ink and paper!


While you only have to yield a little in terms of quality of colour reproduction, the benefits of CIS systems should really be insignificant alongside what you are charging for a 10x8 print. Even the muchchallenged ink wastage of OEM cartridges pales to insignificance. If you are worrying about an extra 3p on a 10x8 then you are working to the wrong business model - charge more, a lot more! As a good working, rule of thumb we often recommend a charge of about 8p/in2 for printing for others (ie £6.40) at 'hand-made' quality, a 12-fold profit margin on running costs. As to how much you should charge for a 10x8 we are no closer to the answer, people charge from £10 to £650 - get what you can when you can! At least you now have an idea of what it costs, that gives you your minimum acceptable charge!

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