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by Nik Pekridis Published 01/12/2011


"I'll also be looking at the differences between the professional and themythical 'Uncle Bob," says Nik, "and explaining why we should be betterevery time. I'll also pass on some marketing tips which have worked for mein my business."

Not surprisingly Nik is also looking forward to the chance to attend anumber of workshops himself while he's at the Convention as he continueshis personal quest for self-improvement. "I've already earmarked a numberof workshops that I'm hoping I'll be able to get along to," he says. "Idefinitely want to get to see my good friends Nick Ghionis and Adam Alex,while I'll also be hoping to get along to the Photoshop sessions beingdelivered by Sofie Louca and Paul Karaolides and the boudoir workshopsbeing given by Joe Cogliandro. I also hope to see Andrea Barrett, MarkJordan and Stuart Bebb if I can. Looking through the schedule there arejust so many good photographers to learn from and I'll just have to get toas many workshops as I can!"

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