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by Carol Steele Published 01/02/2000


I would also recommend purchasing a CD writer so that you can take images off the computer's hard drive and store them separately from the computer so that in the event of a hard drive failure (which does happen occasionally) your images will be safe - just as you would take similar care in filing your negatives for future reference). It is also useful in that this is a cheap and reliable medium because you can use the CD's to send your images to labs that specialise in outputting your images back onto photographic paper.

Loxley Colour Labs in Glasgow are one of the leading labs in the UK in this respect and their digital prints match very closely the prices charged for traditional reprints from negatives.


The couple were removed from a normal photographic image and pasted into the background which was created using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Xara.

The next important decision to make is that concerning your choice of a monitor - go for a decent sized monitor, after all, you will be staring at it for a long time and your eyesight is precious - it earns you your income. So don't be mean when you specify which monitor you want - I personally recommend Mitsubishi monitors as they are extremely good value for money and their Diamond Pro 900u monitor is an outstanding choice.

If you still have enough money left after making your purchase then I would also thoroughly recommend that you invest in a graphics tablet. This is a special pen which is used instead of a mouse and will give you much more control when you are working in Adobe Photoshop.

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