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by Frances Litman Published 01/06/2010


Having been a full-time photographer for almost 20 years, there were times when I lost interest in shooting for myself. It just seemed like too much work. Now, thanks to how compact things are becoming in our digital world, I carry my camera with me much more frequently when I'm not working

Anyone who has worked with film can appreciate how much easier travelling with camera gear has become. Instead of having a heavy bag full of lenses, camera bodies and film, I now travel with one camera and one fantastic, lightweight zoom lens which affords me the freedom to be ready when I see something as the lens lives on the camera.


I'm a Nikon user and own numerous Nikon lenses which are wonderful, but I have one Tamron lenses that I just love. I use it almost exclusively in the studio and for my personal use. It is the Tamron 18-270mm vibration reduction zoom f3.5-6.3 and for both seasoned pros and beginners it is one lens that can virtually do it all for them. Of course there is a penalty in not having faster f-stops than a prime lens, but dollar for dollar the features it provides in a lightweight, back-saving, convenient package can't be beaten.

Is it sharp enough you ask? Yes, it is. I have won numerous awards in everything from portraiture to landscape using this lens.

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