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by Frances Litman Published 01/06/2010


In the studio, I love the versatility of having one lens that allows me to close-focus on a child's hands and zoom out to capture a fleeting moment and everything in between. The silent, motor-assist is a lovely asset, especially when I want to go unnoticed. In fact, when travelling, I no longer have to worry about my Nikon f2.8 telephoto drawing unwelcome attention because I use the Tamron instead.


When I want the capability of my f2.8 lens I use the Nikon, but if I want the security of knowing I have a backup zoom for an important occasion like a wedding, I carry the Tamron. It gives me the peace of mind of knowing all my bases are covered should something go wrong with one of my primary lenses.

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1st Published 01/06/2010
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