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by Stuart Wood Published 02/02/2015


The couple were informed how important it was that they did not move during the exposure and they performed and posed perfectly during the five seconds.

My camera was fixed onto my tripod for the exposure and was set very low down in order to emphasise the reflection of the couple in the pond. A cable release was added to the camera to avoid any possible camera shake and to further avoid any unwanted secondary exposure on the couple, they were deliberately plunged into darkness during the exposure, so that only the flash exposure actually affected them. This proved so successful that I could not see the couple to focus my camera! We got around this problem by my assistant nipping into frame between exposures and using my video light on the couple until I was able to focus them pin sharp and then the assistant and light were promptly cleared from the frame.

Under five minutes later, the happy couple were released to rejoin their wedding party and we had secured the best image of their wonderful day!

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