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by John Baikie Published 01/06/2014


This year I came back from the Convention full of enthusiasm and ideas. I feel it is important to keep freshening up the websites as people are more likely to have a look at it if it changes and might catch something new you have on offer. Now, I have always tried to do my own websites in the past so do have a bit of knowledge of Wordpress and other web programs, but I do find it hard work trying to remember how to do anything when it is usually many months in between each time I do it.


This brings me to Zenfolio, who I joined just over a year ago after seeing their products at the 2013 Convention. I started using them with a view to using it only for client sales and viewings, but as I was looking at having a second website for my commercial work, I decided to have a go at building a website through the system. Wow. The easiest thing I have ever done with a website. The whole thing is very simple to use and anybody can build a site in next to no time. You can use preloaded templates and just add your own images and have a site right away, or you can build one from scratch if you know what you need. Either way it is very simple and intuitive.

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