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by John Baikie Published 01/06/2014


I started with a prebuilt theme and in a couple of hours had totally rebuilt the site and had it all up and running with custom built pages and galleries for all my stuff. I then integrated the client sales part with both sites and have used it for every job I have done since. The sales on my site go straight through One Vision Imaging, and I don't even see the prints. It is a great system and I recommend if you haven't tried it yet...try it. You can very easily customise the site to match your own brands and colours and clients going through the sales end won't leave your site even though third parties are dealing with everything at that end. Zenfolio have great offers for trial periods at the moment so give it a go!


I am going to talk a bit about my first studio shoot in quite some time. I was approached by Sammy from Serenity Beauty Boutique in Inverness about doing some work for her marketing materials and website. We decided to set up a temporary studio in the function hall in the hotel at which she is based. As always I don't like messing about with tons of equipment, so I used a 6-foot roll of grey paper, one Bowens head with a 4x1 foot softbox, another Bowens head as a fill light and one old Interfit head with a colour gel and a reflector.

Sammy wanted to emphasise colour, so I had to get away from my usual style and add lots of colour to the images. Camera equipment was also kept to one camera, my new, shiny Canon 5D Mk3 with a 70-200mm lens. It was fun shooting indoors for a change and it inspired me to do more studio shoots.

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