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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2014


The gamut of the Epson HDR ink set is much greater than the silver halide(shown as solid); even so note that none of the printer systems can acheivethe deep blue available in sRGB.



This little lot needs something of a summary! As an absolute minimum, only Adobe RGB should be used as the source, working RGB colour space. Inkjet always out-performs silver halide especially if very vibrant colours are used in the image but if the image is more modest in requirements, a lab-produced silver halide will be up to the task.

If fine art papers are required then inkjet is self selecting and the drop in gamut and Dmax will probably not be detectable as no side-by-side comparison can be made.

A final word is on bit depth. Printers always end up operating in 8-bit but if the image has a lot of work with effects filters then 16-bit will guard against banding and ProPhoto RGB comes into the frame. The trouble with ProPhoto is that it can neither be printed fully nor even viewed correctly on the screens available at the present time. It does, however, encompass the entire gamut of the Epson HDR ink set which might make the user feel better but will probably not be detectable.

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