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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2014

Some points to consider when presenting images to your peers...

• Engage with a professional lab that is willing to work with you
• Don't go for a cheap option just because it's on 'special offer'
• Choose the right medium for your finished work (high contrast images do not print well on metallic or glossy papers)
• Always give your work a mount or overlay. Flush mounting does not protect the surface of the image from damage (by you or others)
• Don't rush it!!!!! Sending in prints to competition or qualification directly without checking them is a recipe for disaster. YOU are
the FINAL quality control - not the lab
• Allow plenty of time to scrutinise your prints under the correct lighting, (guidance is given on the SWPP website). Ensure any identifying names, marks or studio logos do not appear on the front of the image or mount, and ensure that the submission label is fixed the right way up on the back of the print
• Value your work the same way that you expect your clients to.

This will cost you more than money, but the cost of failure can be much more

I'm pleased to say that the individual involved who submitted their panel came to me after the judging and asked for my opinion on the work. After a short discussion as to the merits and otherwise, they acknowledged my input and went away appreciating the shortcomings of the presentation. It made me feel so much better that the other judges and I had made the correct decision, and that the creator was much wiser after the event.

Tom Lee

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1st Published 01/04/2014
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