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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2014

All of the analysis above can provide assurance that your workflow is behaving in a consistent and expected manner. However, never forget that a colourmetrically perfect print may not be the most pleasing. This is where proofing comes in. You have to start by making an accurate print and then making an aesthetic decision about whether you would like the image to be a bit lighter, darker, more saturated or whatever.

This should not be adjusted via printer settings but by tweaking in Photoshop. An accurate, calibrated monitor will help in this quest but it is likely, at this standard of print making, that only a print in the hand will suffice. It is also vital to match the print values across the full panel of 20 images, one reason why consistent printing and paper selection is vital.

Inkjet or Laboratory?

For some, the choice will already have been made. For reasons of cost, space, time or inclination you may choose to have a laboratory prepare your panel. There is nothing wrong with this, there are a legion of successful fellows out there who had their panels produced in a lab. The gamut of wet chemistry printing is much smaller than that of inkjet. In numerical terms it is only just 60% for the better processors or even worse than that when compared with an Epson 4900/gloss paper combination. The gamut volumes of various systems are tabled below for reference:

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