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Colour Values of Printed Samples

Epson 7600 Bespoke profiled for PhotoBlack*

Like other fine art papers there is a relative degrading of the black density compared to a gloss or lustre paper. The deepest black using Photo Black ink was 26% (brightness value). Across the gamut, the lightness error predominates in the darker tones.The black density and tone contrast is similar to Somerset Velvet Enhanced; both are lighter in tone than Permajet Classic Portrait and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag.The average error in the Macbeth Chart was 8.9 Lab.The De2000 error was 6.40.These data are about twice that which would be expected from satin or gloss materials or non-art matte materials. Within the average error of 6.40, the contribution from the lightness channel was 5.5, twice that of the hue and saturation.


The skin tones had a mean error of 3.70, lower than the average for the gamut because the lighter tone errors were less affected by the lack of density. The flesh tones were the correct saturation but the hue was rotated a few degrees towards yellow. This tone bias was probably affected by the warm cream colour of the base material.

The greys were warm, in keeping with the base colour and they looked neutral to the eye.

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