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*The profile was build using No Colour Adjustment, 1440dpi, Smooth Fine Art as the media but the thickness was manually adjusted for the true value of 60 Microns. The samples were run with perceptual rendering intent and Black Point Compensation was enabled.

Epson 2100 Matte Black Ink

Using the Matte ink (and the same profile as the 7600) dropped the deepest black down to 18.5% and reduced the errors across the gamut. It has little influence on the errors in the flesh tones (because they are light) but improved the errors in the earth tones (which contain lots of dark tones). The error in the lightness channel across the gamut was about halved compared to the PhotoBlack result.


Subjective Viewing If you are sensitive to the tactile and visual properties of a paper you will love this one! It really does have a quality feel and rich warmness to it. The claims for improving the black depth are not substantiated, it may be better than an uncoated art paper but it did not get to the depths obtained with either Hahnemuhle Photo Rag or Permajet Portrait Classic. However, the eye readily accepts this slight lack of depth, more so that a colour cast for example. After profiling the colour parameters were excellent, with the bulk of the error component being in the lightness channel.

Lana 356 Epson 2100 MtBlk ink

Lana Base Whites

The spectral traces from the Lana papers show no sign whatever of OBA activity.The depressed response in the 390nm to 549nm part of the spectrum is responsible for the warm cream tone of the paper so loved by the art fraternity.

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