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The increase in toughness was considerable. It was possible to drag your fingernail across the protected print without leaving a mark. This is not something that can be done on a matte art paper normally. Wetting the fingers and dragging them over the print also had no detectable effect.

We also applied the coating to a few canvas prints. The instructions contain a warning about testing your subject substrate and ink before committing to the full job. This is sound advice. We applied the coating to an old Polaroid canvas and promptly wiped the print back to white canvas. The effect on an Ilford Studio canvas print was spectacular, the improvement in the richness of the print was quite startling.

Application of the coating requires a little practice. It is dependant on dilution and temperature.We placed our test prints on an aluminium domestic tray in order to keep the whole set-up cool and this seemed to work OK. Naturally a good brush is a pre-requisite and we used a 1 half" sable hair artists brush, making sure that there were no loose hairs to shed onto to the print.

ClearShield costs around £25 per litre or £85 for a 3.8l can. It is sold without any warrantee as to its efficacy, there are too many variables!

Contact Alumaframe Systems on 01787 474 300.

GrayscaleEffect of clearsheild


The best of both worlds! Tom Lee's low-key portrait showed spectacular improvement in the depth of colour on this canvas substrate and the protection afforded by ClearShield enables it to be stretched and framed up without the use of glass.

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