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Published 01/10/2011


"Also, as in many other places, the digital revolution has made it more possible to get a fast-track entry into photography, while the availability of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc has ensured a free and easy showcase for photographers' work."

Just as in the UK, there is a great spirit of cooperation and mutual selfhelp amongst the photographic community in Malta and this has been one of the prime reasons why the MIPP has been able to thrive over the years. "Those members who have come into the MIPP with a genuine will to work together and network have moved on, both in the quality of their work as well as in their passion for photography," says Kevin. "The events, seminars and courses we conduct are paying dividends in terms of making Maltese photography more refined and competitive."

The tie-up with The Societies is seen as yet another way for photographers on the island to expand their horizons and to learn first hand at the feet of some of the world's top photographers. They have also had the chance to network with others on an international scale and to give something back in terms of passing on their own skills via workshops and seminars.

"I believe solidly in mixing with photographers and associations of different countries," says Kevin, "and so when Phil and Juliet came over to see us I jumped at this chance of a closer association and naturally agreed to cooperate fully. From that day on we have never looked back, and the relationship between the MIPP and The Societies has become not only stronger, but closer. We treat the Societies team as our extended family! This cooperation has definitely helped Maltese photography not only to believe more in itself, but The Societies have given us the chance and opportunity to make our photographers and lecturers better known in the international arena."


One of those making the journey over from Malta in January will be Joe Smith, who started out in professional photography in 1979 by covering a few weddings but who quickly decided his forte was music and the theatre. "I have been involved with theatre productions for quite a long time," he says, "and I have also been the official photographer of the Malta Jazz Festival since its inception 20 years ago. The beauty and dynamics of architecture also fascinates me, while delivering training is also turning out to be a good part of the services I offer."

Joe has been a member of the MIPP since its inception 15 years ago and, like the majority of the members, he was delighted when the tieup with The Societies came about. "Because of this association MIPP members and other photographers on the island are benefiting from the invaluable training delivered by foreign and Maltese speakers during seminars organised locally in conjunction with The Societies," he says. "Phil and Juliet have always been at the forefront in recognising Maltese photographic talent and it's fantastic that they have regularly invited Maltese photographers to speak at the Convention."

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