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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/08/2014


"When we've shown these at the SWPP exhibitions, people are surprised at how cost effective they are. Whilst the black coloured frame makes up 80% of the sales, white the other 15%, and the rainbow-style colour options make up the remaining 5%. They're bright and energetic if you do want something that stands out. We've had a great thrill producing this product range."


In terms of price and turnaround, the single block Illusion starts at £62.40, with prices going up to £117.

The allure of Allura
vA third product with which One Vision is enjoying success is its Allura matted album range, which is a first for the firm. Here photographers get a choice of either two luxurious tactile leather covers 'Nubuck' and/or Suede or any one of their existing Album covers which can dramatically reduce the price.

"We wanted to create a high-spec matted album that we built completely in house in the UK. We're challenging the luxury end of the market at costeffective prices, and felt confident we could probably do that because we build everything in house.

is that they are album manufacturers and that is their expertise, but they may not have the print technology skills that we have developed. Often when you walk around exhibitions you will pick up some beautiful, beautiful albums ...but on closer inspection too many of them fall at what we consider to be the first hurdle and that is perfect colour, density and contrast. Without the basic image essentials we see little point in building a high quality album."

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