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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/08/2014


Should you need any further recommendation to prompt you to get in touch, there is also the fact that photographic website providers including Zenfolio and theimagefile use One Vision Imaging for their print fulfillment, with the lab service bolted onto their sites' back end.

"Zenfolio spent two years blind testing in the industry to find the best professional lab that they could, and they're now a key partner. Three years ago we secured that deal and they've been using us ever since with a seamless integration. And we have many hundreds of photographers happily having customers place their orders to be fulfilled by One Vision.


We then 'white label' those orders out direct to the customer. In order for photographers to do that you need ultimate confidence in your lab, so we really work with our customers - we're in effect their right hand, because without them we don't have a business. We do everything we can to help the photographer, not only as regards product development, but also with the quality of the product we produce. We very much see them as a business partner and the other thing that is key is that we love it!"

Get in touch with One Vision Imaging by calling 0845 862 0217, 024 7644 0404, or emailing Alternatively simply point your browser at the below URL to inspect the full range of pro products and services.

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