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Wednesday 22nd November 2017  GMT

Why Send Save-the-Date Cards? 

While save the date cards are not the most common part of planning a wedding today, but they can be a rather useful tool in keeping your wedding organized. Many bride and grooms are often surprised when asked about save the date cards, because most have never come across the practice. So, what are these cards, how are they used, and when do you send them?

So what Are Save the Date Cards?

Save the date cards are similar to the wedding announcements that you see in the newspaper, but these cards are far more personal. They are a way to tell your guests early that you are engaged and planning your big day. It allows guests to keep that date open just for you.

How Are these Save the Date Cards Used?

Save the date cards are used to help guests plan ahead. They used to be a necessity, though most people today just opt for wedding announcements in the newspaper. The save the date cards are especially useful if you are planning a destination wedding as your guests also need to make arrangements. Since you send the cards out a year in advance of your wedding, it allows guests to save up for the cost of travel or avoid planning their annual holiday around that date.

What Specific Wording is Required?

You can get rather creative in your wording and style with these cards. Some people opt to use a traditional invitation template while others use magnets, brochures, postcards and more. It is a good idea to offer some of the same information you would provide on your wedding invitation, including lodging, car rentals, and maps. Make sure your guests know that what you are sending is a save the date card and add “invitation to follow” at the end.

If I’m on a Budget?

Sometimes save the date cards are the first things to go when working within a wedding budget though they are worth the investment. If you are cutting costs, you may not feel it is necessary to send out these cards. However, it is a good idea to send save the date cards to guests who live some distance away at least. You can try budgeting by only sending to that small portion of guests and using postcards rather than printed invitations or save the date cards. Some printers, though, offer significant discounts on the cards as part of the package.

Save the date cards are e a helpful tool in planning your wedding. If you are planning to have a lot of out-of-town guests or a destination wedding, they are not something you should skip. However, allow yourself to get creative and have fun with the less formal part of your wedding stationery.

If you are computer minded save the date cards can be created on your own PC or Mac. Many programs even have templates to get you going and with the cost of colour ink jet printers now being very affordable you could quite easily design and print your own attractive cards

And the all add in building the excitement of your 'Special Day’

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