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by Mark Cleghorn Published 01/06/2009


Shot 9 - Formals

The dreaded groups - ' bring them on' - some photographers see group photography as hard work, I just see pound notes. Usually I follow the basic turned-into-the-middle pose for slimming everyone, it's quick, and people can be moved in and out of the group in succession, building the group up or cutting it down as needed, using flash as fill or to fully illuminate the group

Shot 10 - Bride and Parents

The bride and her mum is a good place to start, then adding in dad, before losing mum for just the brideand-her-dad shot. This is a quick -flow group and perfect when time is against you, as I can then add in siblings as well as bridesmaids straight after the basic combo.


Shot 11 - Relaxed and Fun

As with all my groups I try to shoot some 'off-camera' shots. By that I mean, asking the subjects to just chat to each other; this adds to the image bank and is a perfect solution for blinkers, as the eyes will not look closed when they are looking away from the camera.

Shot 12 - Back of the Dress

If the back of the dress has not already been shot, it's a good idea, if time allows, to get a simple side-lit shot in the bag. This should give detail from highlight to mid-tone with no work and allowing the shadow areas to darken for impact, especially when turned in to black & white.

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