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by Mark Cleghorn Published 01/06/2009


Shot 19 - Location Detail

When the main bridal party pictures are done I can now concentrate on the details (that is if I have not already shot them, of course). The venue, flowers, order of service booklets, invites, interiors, stained glass windows, and musicians - you name it, I will shoot it. These images alone could add an extra page into the album, plus they set the scene in detail as many, if not all of these features the bride has had to make some kind of decision upon.

Shot 20 - Guests Arriving

Even if everyone is running late or the weather is bad, these images need to be grabbed. If the sun is shinning there is no reason to shoot some or all of the guest-couples as they are arriving, turn them into mono for proofing and the till starts ringing with sales. This is also a great way to teach assistants to pose and shoot under the pressure of time without the risks of the main event.


Shot 21 - Bridesmaids Arriving

Individual shots of each of the bridesmaids are once again essential and not just the basic full-length and three-quarter images, the arrivals especially in the rain can make nice candid extras. As well as individuals the group needs to be shot as a whole, relying on the simple turn-in pose once more, as with all groups.

Shot 22 - Bridesmaids and Mum

I know this is not a shot of the bridesmaids and mum, but they all arrived together including the bride and it was raining. It's what you call improvisation, it's one word for making it up as you go along on a wedding day, an art photographers need to master

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