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by Mark Cleghorn Published 01/08/2009

In last month's article I covered the first 24 essential shots of a wedding, based on a concept I developed in 1990 for one of my photographers. He needed some simple shot guides, as a reminder, to accompany his list of shots to take. The images included in his shot guide were from inspirational images to 'bog-standard' basics - these were his visual idea guides for the day, from the details right up to the first dance.

The 48 shot concept has inspired not only my staff but thousands of photographers over the years and, even today, most of my teaching in 'Back-2-Basics' mode has links to getting the job done well first, then looking for the creative angle and fun elements to complete the shoot whether it is in weddings or portraits.

The last 24 images cover the ceremony, reception, and groups and not forgetting the bride and groom portraits, so let's get going.


Shot 25 -The Bridal Party - As a rule of thumb this formal image is the last before the ceremony; it's also a perfect time to stop and relax the bridal party and just check everything is in place. In this case, the shot had to be done in the covered porch due to the rain, with a 'splash of flash' to get the illumination as the light had really diminished outside, giving me little ambient light inside. Flash off the bounce card is usually enough to light the portrait, with good catch-lights in the eyes to brighten the faces but at the same time allowing the lower body to vignette a little.

Shot 26 - The Ceremony - 'Sorry No Photography In Church' - how many times have I heard that from grumpy old vicars, then you have other vicars who almost stop a wedding ceremony for me to get the best shot. Natural light is always the key for me, high ISO, wide apertures and slow shutter speeds all add to the ambiance, even though producing darker shadows at times from no fill-flash. The non-use of flash has got me more permissions to shoot in churchs than any other excuse I have tried, but if all else fails I shoot from the hip with a trusty compact, just like half the guests do!

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