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by Mark Cleghorn Published 01/08/2009


Shot 44 - Candids - High ISOs long lens, and people chatting, can professional photography be any easier?

Shot 45 - Everyone - The big group is usually the end of the fussy photography for me, as this is usually the last shot I arrange before going through to the dinner. At the same time, why not have a bit of fun with the guests, but once again time and efficiency is king, arrange it, call for the expression, and shoot it!


Shot 46 - Bride & Bridesmaids - When the guest start to go in for dinner, it's usually a good time to grab more images of the bride and groom, but also of the bride and her bridesmaids, especially if the groom needs to pop to the loo, which seems to happen on almost every wedding I have ever shot. Fun is the key to these images as this is now getting close to party time.

Shot 47 - Reception Room Detail - The secret is always in the table details but don't forget to shoot the room as well. It's a great way for you bring a scene alive at the receptions, especially images such as the staff lighting the table candles, or pouring wine, as these animate the image

Shot 48 - Cake Cutting - Even if the couple don't want it, make sure you shoot the cake, it's amazing how these pictures are sometimes missed and, after all, it is probably the most expensive detail in the room

Well that's it 48 essential wedding shots, and the secret to a successful wedding shoot. If you have liked this 48 shots there are more on the PhotoTrainng4U site, in many different topics. There are even 'Pocket Guide' Cue Cards available on my own site where you can find info about my training products, and workshops if you want Face2 Face training, as well as on-line video training.

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