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by Mark Cleghorn Published 01/08/2009


Shot 27 - Signing Registers - I'd like 'Au Naturel with a Splash of Flash' please, no not a drink but a variety of images that tell the tale, recording the natural signing as well as guests, especially bridesmaids and parents. These images are followed by a staged shot of the couple signing, with a splash of flash to white light the skin tone.

Shot 28 - Walking Down Isle - 'Stop or Not To Stop?' that is the question, for me it's on-the-trot images, making sure there is no travelling foot, which will help to freeze momentum naturally with the flash doing the rest. I usually shoot a flow of images, three is often the magic number, that is until my flash fails and I need a slight re-adjust in exposure or a change over of flash guns.

Shot 29 - B&G Full Length in Door Way - The best selling image is still the door shot, it makes me cringe for a second but then I remember the pound notes and make sure I nail the shot come rain or come shine, as in this shot here. Flash is a must on sunny days, especially when the door is drenched in strong sunlight and all I can try and do is lessen the dark shadows caused by filling in with my little ray of light.

Shot 30 - B&G Three Quarter - Or is it this one? - once again a best-selling image as a rule, sad I know, but we have covered that. This shot is a quick follow-on from the full length, or it can be shot first if the couple are slightly inside the doorway and shielded from direct sunlight


Shot 31 - B&G Kiss - This shot speaks for itself but a natural image flows from the fulllength portrait, to three-quarter, to kiss - plus it's a wedding they should be kissing right? If lighting is bad from overhead or direct sun, this is the non-flash shot.

Shot 32 - B&G & Parents - Get the bride and groom away from the door, as well as the bridal party. I make sure that the first formal groups of the parents and the bride and groom are away from the doorway, so the guest can spill out of church more quickly. In this case the image had to be done later at the reception because of the wet stuff or should I say the 'R' word as we refer to it on a wedding day.

Shot 33 - B&G & Wedding Party - Again to clear the doorway and to let all the guests out of church, I then add in the best man and bridesmaids to the bridal group, these shots are always a backup as I will always repeat these first few shots later in the day with a better background.

Shot 34 - B&G, Best Man, Ushers and Bridesmaids - After shooting the full bridal party that would include the ushers, I would then lose the parents and just shoot this group. Once again this group would be repeated later in the day. I nearly always add a splash of flash to the groups, to light under the brim of hats, as well as help to relieve the shadow detail from any overhead light.

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