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by Clive Figes Published 01/06/2014


I would like to introduce myself by explaining about my background. I was born in London just after the war and grew up with bombsites for my playground. For my friends and I these were real battlegrounds where we scavenged bits of tube and wood to make our guns. I grew up in a time when improvisation was essential. If you wanted something, then you had to make it yourself and we saw all these bits of 'rubbish' as an opportunity to create what we wanted.


As a young boy I was inquisitive and always questioning. This should have been my undoing as I found an unexploded incendiary bomb on one of our bombsite playgrounds and decided to carry it to school. I was surprised by the panic that ensued once I had arrived with my 'prize' as it had never occurred to me that it would present me any harm. I have no fear for my surroundings and this has led me to feel comfortable about using what is available for my images. The simplest things have the most impact.

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1st Published 01/06/2014
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