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by Clive Figes Published 01/06/2014


I suppose these days you would describe my background and upbringing as being from a 'broken home' as I lived with my mother and sister. Mother was a well-educated woman who ensured our home was always orientated towards education and learning a love of the arts. At a young age I was fascinated with drawing and painting. But, it was on Easter Sunday 1967 that the passion that would rule the rest of my life would make its entrance into my world. The woman who became my first wife gave me my first 35mm camera and I was smitten from that moment on. I started with transparencies, black and white, and colour film.


Later I would process and print my own work too.

I knew a lot of people in London and some of them were fairly colourful characters, but my enquiring mind and fearless approach meant very few people said no to working with me. I would ask famous photographers if I could watch them work and I always learnt from them. I started to form my own recognisable style and my passion for images bloomed with the images from 1960 to 1970 as monochrome gave way to full colour. This led to liberation for a generation that had grown up after the war and we all embraced it.

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