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by Clive Figes Published 01/06/2014


ou are always influenced by other photographers. I am inspired by the images of Avedon, Newton, Bailey and Moon, to name a few. I owe a debt of gratitude to a photographer called Ian Spratt; I doubt he will remember me but his words of encouragement and his advice calmed me when I panicked at a shoot for the BBC Clothes Show in Birmingham. His advice has stayed imprinted on my brain and is the cornerstone of fashion modelling today: Forget the model, it's the fashion garment that's paying the bill.


For me it is the image that captures the moment. The look that catches the eye, the story it tells and the questions that it makes you ask. My images speak for themselves and where I am now. These images are the ones where I am relaxed and playing with an idea and recharging my own batteries by allowing my creative instinct to have free reign. The freshness and individuality of these images catches the eye of agencies and advertising companies who then request my work. If I only worked on commissions then I would not have the chance to promote the endless possibilities of my work and the way I can create images and ideas. Also, this indulgence keeps me sane.

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