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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2013


Printers, papers and inks ... arguably the most consistent mainstays of a photographer's career; alongside inspiration, camera, plus lenses of course. With this in mind Gavin Stoker catches up with some of the biggest and most celebrated names in print fulfilment and consumables to find out how their latest products are helping photographers get ahead

Every artist needs their canvas; so, if you don't already farm out your files to specialist labs for fulfilment, chances are you're interested in self-producing your prints. That means printers, inks, and pro-quality photo papers. You probably already have your own hard-forged preferences as regards the individual elements that make for you a winning creative and practical combination. But with new products and print technologies coming on the market all the time - and likewise new routes via which to source them - it's well worth coming up for air now and again and surveying what's around. You never know, the right presentation could help tip the balance between a highly acclaimed image and a guaranteed award winner at The Societies' annual bash. Once again we've done the legwork for you and delivered up a selection of possible choices when it comes to print media and consumables...

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1st Published 01/10/2013
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