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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2015


Printing Speed
With a 'Quality' setting it took 3m 36s to print an A3+ image and this extended to 6m 05s using 'Max Quality' setting.

Platen Gaps
With Traditional Photo Paper we encountered some head striking using the standard platen gap, which was eliminated by the use of a Wide setting - there are only two options on the P800. The paper settings for loading are altered via the information LCD on the front of the printer which provides step-by-step instructions when required (eg with board).

We know the Epson 3880 better than most printers as it has been the workhorse for the Epson Print Academy teaching. We thus have legacy data to compare with.

Bespoke profiles were made and then tested with our usual protocols. We also tested some installed profiles and the ABW drivers. Dmax, metamerism and gamut volume were also measured.


Premium Lustre Photo paper
This media is something of a benchmark standard for our teaching and at Imagemaker. The gamut volume of the P800 is slightly lower than the 3880 across all the media tested. The Dmax, however, is higher and we recorded a new high at 2.77 using the ABW driver - normally a profile will pull the Dmax down a little to control the tone range. This high Dmax may have resulted in errors, which were overall too dark as the Black Point Compensation drove the bottom of the tone scale down below 2% luminance, although this was not universal across all the media tested. The bulk of the test patches registered between 2% and 4% too dark.

Our bespoke profile was about 32% more accurate on average ΔEoo, in common with our usual findings - it does not, of course, represent a 32% increase in how good the print looks! The bespoke profile audit average of 3.31ΔEoo was within the normal tolerance for this paper and this ink set.

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