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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2015


Standard Proofing Paper
The absence of OBAs in Standard Proofing Paper produced a more accurate overall result, with an error of just 2.56Δoo. The important Fogra V3 patch set was just on the limit for contract proof specifications which is good for an untuned profile.

Epson Traditional Photo paper
The printer created a very accurate audit, the highlights being very accurate colour component values with only the low luminance depressing the colour error values. The Fogra V3 patch set error of 1.86ΔEoo was exceptional, with almost zero average luminance errors.


We also printed using the ABW driver. Our hunch that it might require a setting of 'Normal' to counteract the overall darkness was unfounded - it was 4% too light and a setting of Dark would be required to hit the 50% patch target! As you might expect with a Dmax running out to 2.77 the print was very rich, with masses of depth. The neutral setting produced a print that was visually neutral, confirmed by the measurements.

Signature Worthy Hot Pressed Natural White
This was tested using the Matt Black ink. The Dmax was good at 1.68. The gamut volume was 4% less than the 3880 but the overall print quality was excellent, allied to a good average error value of 3.49ΔEoo.

Loading these heavy papers was straightforward with the onscreen instructions, a significant improvement over the 3880.

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1st Published 01/12/2015
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