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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2017


The weight is approximately 1,230g including the standard 63mm lens (focal length equivalent to 50mm in 35mm full frame), which is still less than the weight of a Nikon D4, with 24–70mm lens configuration (2,240g). Adding a 120mm macro (95mm in 35mm format) instead of the 63mm lens still only brings the weight to 1,805g (less than a bag of sugar), so my shoulders still won’t fall off like they used to.

The heart of the machine is, of course, the sensor. Comparing sensors with the Nikon D4 and Fuji XT2:

Nikon D4 – 36x23.9mm delivering 16.2 MB images
Fuji XT2 – 23.6x15.6mm delivering 23.6 MB images
GFX 50S – 43.8x32.9mm delivering 51.4 MB images

I know that we are looking at apples and pears when comparing different sensor types, but this isn’t the point. It’s the available information that the sensor delivers that counts.

Although the XT2 is a cropped sensor, the information provided by the sensor was such that it was easily comparable to the D4 which although it had a larger chip, delivered less information. The GFX not only has a larger chip it delivers over twice the amount of information as the XT2 – so how did it do?

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1st Published 01/04/2017
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